Sample Videos Shot By Our Drone Teams

Our aerial videos capture all the fun and beauty of any event or activity! These samples hopefully express some of our capabilities.

"This is a variety of different drone videos showcasing our drone capabilities and film editing." - Tom Huben, CEO

"This video was shot by their drone team. I hired them to come out on my new boat and shoot. They also did the cool editing! I have this video and the raw footage if I ever want to make another video." - Dave Miller, Captain, JBS IV

"My real estate listing stood out from the all the rest with this awesome video of my property. The standard listing was transformed into something special. The photos and video made the sale in my opinion!" - Bill Payne, Home Seller

"I personally shot this video at the University of Florida. Even took incredible footage on the field! Go Gators!" - Tom Huben, CEO

"This is a recent trip we planned out to the Bahamas. I had their drone team go out and meet me at the inlet. What beautiful scenes and all including my boat!" - Dave Miller, Captain, JBS IV